Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project 1 Learning Using Art

I would like to spend the first half of this semester learning about Norse Mythology. Norse Mythology falls into the group of Theology. I am a big fan of the fantasy genre in books, movies, comics, and games. Much of modern fantasy is influenced by Norse mythology. I have a tendency toward drawing fantasy art and getting to the core of where fantasy came from will be good for me. In the past I have studied Greek mythology and looked into the Egyptian pantheon. With a Norwegian ancestry, I will be looking into my own cultural past by studying Norse mythology as well.
Norse gods as well as Norse monsters tend to have humanoid forms, making the incorporation of life drawing in these pieces easy. I plan to begin with small sketches based off of the myths and stories I read. It will be important for me to get a feel for the personalities of the different mythological figures. As I go I plan to move into larger scale drawings, possibly up to life size. I feel large drawings would fit with the feel and size of the gods. My mediums of choice are charcoal and pastels, although I may dabble in pen and ink. The research for this project will be done out of the library. I will look for books on Norse Mythology as well as artists who have portrayed mythological figures, preferably Norse.


berks said...

sounds like an interesting and cultural road to head down, just a little curious as to exactly what you will be drawing, wether you plan on recreating scenes from this mythology with interaction between characters or individual drawings. Or possibly learning its style to create new characters and myths that will bare simmilarities to those in the past

Miranda said...

I plan to start with recreating scenes and characters from the mythology. I would eventually like to take what I learn here to create new characters.

Kalyn said...

Like you had mentioned this sounds closely related to Greek Mythology, I too find that pretty interesting. I think that it would be a smart idea to create your own characters and build stories from there. Do you plan on using the live human figure as a model for your drawings, or images? where will you find inspiration for the scenes?

MeganHarder said...

Straight on face
• I notice the crumpled look of the hat
• I notice the tilt of the eyes match the tilt of the hat
• I notice the negative space above the figure
• I notice the high contrast used
• I notice the two bird like creatures on his hat
• I notice the half moon shapes of the two horns almost making a figure eight.
• I notice the play on words with the two different types of horns
• I notice the well kept beard as it flows evenly in waves
• I notice the trumpet doesn’t seem to be completely touching the man’s lips

As far as the styles go, I think it depends on what feeling you’d like to portray. The erasing style leaves the subject looking gentle because of the softer contrast. I agree that the composition does look epic and strong, but as far as the style goes, more contrast will make the figure more powerful.

I think these should be larger, especially because they’re Gods, unless you want to talk about the diminishing power of their legends which would make the smaller scale make sense.

I think the stories would be a blast to look at and to draw. If you have time it would be great if you could incorporate some story scenes in the work.