Thursday, December 18, 2008

Siff written

I have finished my second drawing. Siff is the wife of Thor. She is know for her beautiful, long golden hair. She has always been my favorite of the Norse gods. She has long blond hair just like me. I admit to using myself as a model. She is very little known. My sources say that she is the goddess of the harvest and possibly a minor fertility goddess. She is best known for a story that concerns her long locks. One night well Siff was sleeping, Loki decided to shave her head/ cut off all of her hair. When Thor got wind of this, he rung Loki's neck, until he promised to replace her hair. Loki went to the dwarves and asked them to make her the most beautiful golden hair. He also made the mistake of telling them to make other gifts for the gods such as Thor's hammer and Odin's spear. If they made wonderful gifts, Loki said, they could have his head. They over did themselves and made the marvelous gifts, too wonderful. Loki told them that they could not have his head. It was attatched to his neck you see, and they could not have his neck. They sewed his lips shut and let him go with the gifts. Siff was given long hair of spun gold that would grow like normal hair. In my image I put her in a field of Barley, one of the crops grown in old Norway. I will post the images soon.

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