Monday, October 5, 2009

1900 Drawings

I decided to take the fashion drawings in a new direction. I have for years loved fashion history. I love to see the connections fashion makes with the history. Like fine art, fashion often reflects the time it comes from. Most of all, I love to see the change in form and silhouette. What is the ideal beauty? What is the ideal form? I have decided to investigate this by doing a series of drawings. I will be picking out everyday fashions from each year, beginning at 1900. I will be doing them in black and white as I do not want color to distract from the forms. These images are all from 1900. I wanted to loosen my hand and begin with this style. I feel like it may be a bit dark. I would like brighter whites. The images are in the order they were created, with my first at the top.

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