Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Final Portfolio Fall 2009

I began this class struggling to find my subject matter. I played with the idea of fashion and the female form. Although these subjects interest me, I found that I subconsciously wanted to get another message out. The last half of this semester accumulated in me concentrating on two larger works based on smaller drawings I had created relating to painful memories that I had been avoiding. These works are both about 4'x4' pastel or charcoal drawings on panel. The background of the art works is acrylic painted with a pallet knife. I worked to throw my emotions into the art works and so kept a looser style. When creating these works I was influenced by Egon Schiele (painting style and forms), Pablo Picasso (his bulls), and Edvard Munch (style, emotions, subject matter). I feel that this semester I have gained a great deal of knowledge about working on a larger scale. I have found a definite direction for my art work.

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