Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sketches for mre upcomming drawings

This is an image out of the Graphic Novel "Marvel 1602" written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Andy Kubert.The image has given me some great inspiration for Loki as a trickster god. I am considering using a similar pose for Loki.
These are some ideas for Thor and his wife Sif. Loki shaved Sif's head as a prank. Thor had Loki talk the dwarves into forging her new hair out of spun gold. This has always been my favorite norse story, possibly because of the length and blondeness of my own hair.

The two above are drawings for Hel. She is Loki's daughter and the goddess of the dead, specifically those who did not die in battle. Her top half is beautiful while her bottom half is rotting and corpse-like. I am picturing her in a venus-like pose. It is how most people would invision a beautiful goddess, except this time she is part zombie. I plan on have her dead as featureless figures surrounding her. I plan on sticking with black and white for this.

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