Saturday, November 21, 2009

Change in Direction

After the harsh critique of my fashion drawings I stopped drawing. For about a week or so I avoided it. Then one Saturday night I picked up a piece of vine charcoal and started drawing. It was much akin to Surrealist Automatism. I started drawing without planning what I would draw and let myself go. What came out of that piece of charcoal were memories that I try hard to avoid and never to talk about. In 30 quick uncontrolled drawings I let out my emotions. I have realized that in doing my fantasy art and fashion drawings, I am attempting to escape what I actually should be drawing.
I will now be working with the concept of memories and emotion. Art is not just a communication device, but a source of healing. I am working through my own memories and grief with this artwork. I will post a few of these quick drawings in my next post.

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