Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wasted Youth

Wasted Youth is a drawing/painting I am working on. The art work is about the second major time my brother almost died. My brother was attacked by an old friend. The guy attacked my brother with my brother's guitar. Although I was not there, my memory has fabricated the image of what that moment of violence looked like. I always see a red guitar swinging down on my brother from behind in a large arc like an axe chopping wood.
The image above is my first take on this art piece. I will be going over this with paint and starting over. I became frustrated while working on the piece as the pastels I had were just not soft enough to leave marks on top of the paint. On the other hand when I attempted to erase and then wash the pastel off, it added a pretty shade of pink to my artwork.
With this piece I was trying to portray the violence and the swing of the guitar as a weapon.

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Andrea said...

This looks really nice from a distance, but close-up it could use more refining. Maybe try building up the layers of paint to give it more texture...