Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion project: The Begining

Fashion. What can I say about the world of fashion. Being a tom boy, I have always seen it with an outsider's eyes. I approached my art for life drawing this semester with the idea that I was going to continue my critique of fashion from last semester, see the wood drawing/paintings from my painting class. After making this decision I began to dig through the fashion magazines I handle everyday at work, periodicals section in a library, and take a deeper examination of what I found there. I have always laughed at these magazines, as well as guiltily taking note of some of the more reasonable fashions. What is laughable? Have you ever seen the amounts of make up gooped on to the poor girls on a cover of WWD? Have you ever taken a look at some of the ridiculous fashions displayed in some of these? I have to admit, it is an interesting art form, and for all of my disgust was fascination. After a while I began to picture what these women would look like walking around in the real world in their full make up and odd fashion, not to mention abnoramlly tall thin bodies.
The above two drawings are the beginings of this exploration. The top is just an exploration into an exagerated female form, while the bottom drawing is the begining of a super model buying groceries.
After spending a couple weeks reading fashion magazines and the like, I found that although I could do this comentary, I really was not ready for it. Fashion magazines make my head hurt. My interest in fashion, has always been more toward the history of it. I will probably turn my energies toward that, although I may re examine this idea at a later date. If I can find some tall very skinny people and some outrageous outfits, I may try this in photography as it was suggested in critique and could be fun.

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