Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Art part 1

This is the first part an overview of the art I have created this summer. I am beginning with my wood drawings/paintings. I started the summer off thinking about my memories. I began a series of palm sized pastel drawings with acrylic paint on wood. After the first few I realized that I had resolved some of these bad memories and moved on to other work. The first is actually a happy memory of my dad. In the summer I can always find him in his garden and the biggest part is always his many tomato plants which he turns into juice in the fall. This was the beginning of a series of happy memories I was going to begin as an offset to the others. It is not quite finished. The next to represent my own insecurities and stress from work. The third represents my uncle's death. I was not there, but the image of his death haunts me. The last image is what my brother looked like when we almost lost him a few years ago. He was attacked and appeared at our house the next day looking like death warmed over with dark pools for eyes.

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xenia elizabeth said...

I like this series, especially the first painting of your father. It has a freshness to it and an authenticity that I'm always pushing you to get in your fantasy pieces.