Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Art part 3

This third installment of summer art is full of some of the images I created in my sketchbook. My favorite thing to do when drawing completely for myself is to create characters. Some of these are characters I have created before, others are random doodles, and one is a friends role playing character. When I draw for myself, I draw to escape, so why not escape into someone else. The greatest amount of the drawings in my sketch book are created by an odd process which I find myself going through. I will created categories; different types of clothing, colors, fantasy role playing classes, or different ages of fashion are some of the most common; and fill them all by the same amount by images I find on the internet or in books and magazines. I then pick something I want to take from each, another random process, and use these to put together a character. I tend to love this process as I never know what I am going to end up with and frankly I love the act of gathering images. The first image and the last couple images are examples from this process. If I could, I would love to take this process into some of my bigger art, as it always feels a bit hollow without it.

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